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There are 2 mobile type digital radiology equipment, very useful during surgical procedures.



It allows to obtain most of the most common radiological routines, such as regions of the skull, thorax, abdomen. It has special programs to perform X-rays of the complete spine and extremities. In addition, because it is a digital device, it allows us to have a higher image quality.



Using the most advanced technology we can provide you with an extremely accurate diagnosis. The achieva dStream 1.5 Tesla MRI equipment accelerates performance with clarity and digital speed, reducing study times, reducing noise and obtaining superior image quality. A powerful tool for our doctors, high quality images so they can offer definitive diagnoses, predictable results for our patients.



This room has the most advanced technology in the state, studies are carried out to diagnose and treat cardiological, vascular and neurological conditions with less risk and hospitalization time.



Room equipped with the IQon Spectral CT Tomograph, operating capacity of 256 slices, providing images in maximum resolution and diagnostic detail in seconds, with a minimum radiation dose for the patient. In addition, it interacts with artificial intelligence and augmented reality platforms.


We are pioneers of this new technology in the Central region of the Republic.



Two teams that provide high-definition images in 3D and live (4D). They also offer the elastography image of liver, breast and muscle tissue. This makes our system one of the best in its category and allows us to have a better image quality offering a better diagnosis to our patient.



This equipment allows us to carry out studies of simple and contrast mammography, tomosynthesis and label biopsy, offering comfort and greater reliability to our patients. It is a unique team in San Luis Potosí and is the third of its kind in the country.



Fixed radiodiagnostic equipment useful for carrying out invasive and non-invasive radiographic and radioscopic studies in real time for diagnostic purposes in digestive, genitourinary, bone and angiological disorders, generally with the ability to freeze an image or produce cinema. The only one of its kind in San Luis Potosí.



It is a real-time mobile type radiology equipment, very useful when performing surgical procedures in the areas of traumatology, orthopedics, general, vascular, peripheral and urological surgery, neurosurgery, vascular and interventional radiology, pain clinic (anesthesiology) and other specialties. Its use is primarily in the operating room area.



We have state-of-the-art equipment to perform stress tests, ambulatory pressure monitoring, Holter study (24-hour electrocardiographic monitoring at home), echocardiography (heart ultrasound), transthoracic, transesophageal, and contrast; with the professional attention of certified cardiologists.



With Lunar Prodigy Advance technology that offers maximum precision at low radiation doses in the shortest possible interval. High-resolution images and accurate measurements of soft tissue and composition, including bone mineral density (BMD), lean mass, tissue fat, and fat percentage, can be obtained in just a fraction of a second.


This team leads the way in advanced technologies to optimize diagnostics and therapy monitoring. With total connectivity and efficiency, streamline and improve patient care and the quality of services that can be provided in your practice.


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